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Extraction Bank Unit
Portable Waterproof TDS Meter
Silica Crucibles
Heating Mantles
Borric Acid
Sartorius Analytical Balance
Electric Bunsen
HANNA ph meter digital
Kjeldhal Digestion Mantels
BOD Incubator
Burette Clamps, Single
Lovibond Model 2000
Pipette Fillers
Ovens Memmert Basic
Sartorius Moisture Analyzer
XK 160 Rubber Mixing Mill
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Jalan Timor
Kompleks Business Centre Point Blok M - II
Kecamatan : Medan Timur
Kelurahan : Gang Buntu
Medan - 20231
Sumatera Utara - Indonesia
Telp: 061-88807961 / 80510886 /887

E-mail. info@goldenbell.co.id / sales@goldenbell.co.id

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To calibrate (traceable to national & international standard references) / repair / service / modify contructions, palm and rubber testing equipments such as Wallace Plastimeter, Mooney Viscometer, Analytical balance, Glass Thermometer, Muffle Furnace & Oven.
To supply equipment spare parts and lab consumables such as cigarette paper, dirt sieve and 44 um stainless steel mesh, special glassware, PRI pellet cutter, rubber peptising agent (RPA 99) use in rubber dirt content test.
To supply new / used / reconditioned all constructions, palm and rubber laboratories equipment.
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Fisher Scientific Hanna Instruments Memmert
Merck Mettler Toledo Pyrex
Schott Duran Thermo Toshniwal
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